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Luxury home theater smart seating

Our most contemporary model, in line with current trends, has an improved three-position comfort system: sitting, relaxing, and reclining. The seat, headrest, and footrest can be independently regulated, allowing you to find your ideal position.

Equipped with the latest technology, as well as having an integrated USB port, the relax system can be controlled remotely using an App and it has the option of practical cooler cup holders to keep your drinks nice and cold.

Also for your living room

If you do not have the space for a cinema room in your home, create a casual layout for your living room by removing the middle arms. This option, available in all the collections, allows you to customize your configuration by creating chains of seats that can all recline independently.

Due to the shape of our recliner sofas wall clearance is not necessary. Save space without moving the sofa away from the wall.

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Atlanta Collection Information

Check our catalogue to find out about the extra features available to improve the comfort of your modular sofa, such as power recline, power station with USB, cooler cup holder, battery, etc.