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The Material That Dreams Are Made Of


Ascención Latorre

Luxury Furniture Manufacturer


The images offered represent what has become our signature sophisticated style, christened by Latorre as Classic Avant-garde.

Rather than cling to the past, our premium world seeks to reinvent, seducing with its unique and unmistakable stamp. We seek new solutions through PAU research, our other design firm, where many of our prototypes are born and evolve from contemporary concept, to true luxury furniture.


Sense and Sensibility

At Latorre we extract the essence of the classic. We reinterpret and adapt to today's world where needs have changed and practicality reigns over pure aesthetic. We then combine technology and comfort with the highest quality and in the most elegant way possible.

This is a universe that comes from the love that Ascension has for art and beauty. Beauty that took shape in her first creations and still marks each of the collections that we currently do.

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Pau&Latorre is an idea, an avant-garde concept. Luxury sofas are made and designed to withstand time. New lines with a classical concept. It has been created to last forever. The Pau&Latorre range combines casual, informal pieces as well as sober and contemporany designs.



The Royalton Collection


The Royalton collection is one of the most classic of all Latorre’s collections. It is made up of various sofas, chaise longues, modules and stools as well as offering the New Royalton version, where we replace the trimmings with stueds (always to the customer’s taste, also with a “live” finish) and the square cushions are enlarged to offer more surface to rest the head, and are left with two single rectangular backrest.


Latorre Project Gallery


Babylon Berlin Sofa


Balance and rationality go hand in hand in this design, resulting in the symbiosis between the most geometric Bauhaus and that late Art Deco that proliferated among cars and buildings of the forties. But Babylon Berlin Sofa also bets on the rotundity of proportions, transferring the rationalist imagery to imposing volumes, which trigger its expressiveness and attractiveness, making it an essential piece in any project that wants to make timelessness one of its values—a 20th-century classic born in the 21st century.

latorre logo

Latorre Luxury Furniture

WBL2.0 Interview - Ascension Latorre

This video has been produced in the framework of the Erasmus+ project "WBL2.0". The financial manager of the company tells about the company mission, the great care it takes of the brand image and the way website and social media are used to transmit the identity and singularity of the business.

Pau & latorre Furniture Collection

PAU & Latorre Luxury Furniture

In 2002, the new Pau&Latorre brand born with a whole new style and range of furniture. The firm headed by Ascensión and now led by the funders children manufactures top quality, handmade and exquisitely finished furniture. This new concept won over new markets and consol dated both Ascensión Latorre and Pau&Latorre in Europe and other foreign countries.

Pau&Latorre means confort and pleasure. Relaxing and resting in a spacious, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere is becoming invaluable.

Pau&Latorre is an idea, an avant-garde concept. Luxury sofas are made and designed to withstand time. New lines with a classical concept. It has been created to last forever. The Pau&Latorre range combines casual, informal pieces as well as sober and contemporany designs. The Pau&Latorre range is the blend of being meticulously perfect and providing exquisitely finished pieces with a yet simpler and more elegant style.

Pau&Latorre creates this feeling of luxury and simplicity that is the perfect way to get back in touch with the inner self after a hard day. In short, Pau&Latorre's philosophy aimsto make your life more pleasant.


Marriott Luxury Sofa


The Marriott Sofa has a structure in beech wood and pine wood. Upholstered with polyurethane HR foam, springs and rubber straps and finally covered with leather and/or fabric from Latorre collection. Studs nailed by hand one by one. It can optionally be covered with fabrics or leathers from our customers. Customer sizes available after studying in our Departments of Quality, Production and Design.


How to choose a type of foam filling for a sofa

bar and counter stools height

The foam upholstery of luxury sofas is characterised by being a type of upholstery that is both resistant and durable, as it quickly recovers the initial shape of the sofa.

It is not only the aesthetic design that is important when selecting our luxury sofa. It is also vitally important to test whether the piece we are going to choose is comfortable and adapts to us. Some of the luxury sofa upholstery that stands out above the rest are foam upholstery.

Therefore, when sitting down, it is important to make sure that your hips are not lower than your knees. Another aspect to pay attention to is that our back is correctly supported by the backrest of our sofa, thus ensuring that our lumbar area is protected. And finally, we must bear in mind that, when we are seated, our feet are touching the floor.

All these factors undoubtedly mean that we have to choose a type of foam that is of high quality and has a certain durability over time. Normally, when it comes to comfort, the backrest area is usually softer than the seat. However, it is not until three or four months, when the foams used in sofas usually have their definitive seating.

4 types of foam for sofas

The foam padding you select for a luxury sofa will make a difference to how comfortable the product will be in the future, significantly influencing the strength of the furniture.

Foam is a material that has different types of densities, as well as it can have a lower or higher hardness; the latter can vary depending on the number of particles that the foam filling of a sofa has per cubic.

The following are some of the types of foam depending on their density:

1,2 Pounds/ft3 low density foam

This first type of foam, white in colour, has a hard soft firmness. This density is mainly used for the backrests of sofas and wedges, as they do not support a weight like a seat and have a medium durability.

1,5 Pounds/ft3 medium density foam

Blue foam is characterised by a medium density and therefore has a lower resilience capacity. What does this mean? It is a foam with low flexibility, cushioning and resilience. This 1,5 Pounds/ft3 foam is used in sofas that are not used much or in beds sofa, for example.

1,8 Pounds/ft3 high density foam

The most common for day-to-day, more general furniture. With a green colour, thanks to its robustness and firmness, this type of foam can be harder or softer, depending on the needs of each client.

2,5 Pounds/ft3 extra-hard density foam

Finally, the foam with a brown or white colour has an extra-hard type of filling. It has a greater durability, which makes it perfect for furniture with intensive and continuous use. Its main type of sofas are high quality sofas. The fact that its density is higher does not make it a hard type of foam, but it adapts to the type of firmness; whether it is soft or harder, always guaranteeing the best rest.

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