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High-quality designer furniture for decorating residential, public, and office spaces dedicated to relaxing and lounging

Blasco&Vila Sofa Zip Collection


Blasco & Vila - Modern Business Furniture

A special understanding of a craft, an upholstery, a global and demanding profession is combined with the experience gained over the 25 years, innovation in the service of design and the experience of our masters, these are the values ​​that we convey in our pieces Blasco & Vila Atelier in Moixent, Valencia, surrounded by a calm and warm environment full of olive, vitis and orange trees, we manufacture our own high quality and high-quality designer pieces intended to furnish and decorate living space and public spaces for relaxation.

We have been manufacturing durable products in our upholstery workshop since 1992. Always following the pattern of "cutting" as a philosophy, all of our products are made by master craftsmen who are looking for a high-quality, long-lasting product that also guarantees maximum comfort. Each of our designs is unique, created by experienced designers and handcrafted by masters.

Renowned Designers

Made by Renowned Designers

All our collection has a unique design created by internationally recognised spanish talents, with numerous awards and prizes.

high quality modern furniture

High-end Design and high quality

We offer best design and high quality products at an affordable price. We work with the best materials and finishes.

Furniture Artisans and Producers

Local Artisans and Producers

We only work with local craftsmen. 100% of the production is carried out near our facilities in Moixent (Valencia).

Timeless Furniture Design

Long-lasting Timeless Design

With a 5-year warranty and a wide range of ecological and natural finishes, our products contribute to the sustainability of the ecosystem.


RC Wood-Metal / Fosca / Pol / Bowler Furniture Collections 2021:

Blasco&Vila Armchair POL Collection



Blasco&Vila Furniture Catalog 2021

Blasco&Vila presents a digital catalog of modern furniture with ten unique collections from the best Spanish designers.

Blasco&Vila's Basic Furniture Materials

Infinite customisation of upholstery (Client Fabric), wood and metal colours. We have all the fabrics on the market in order to be able to customise each project to your taste

Blasco&Vila Collection Guide

To make it easier for you to choose our products, all of our modern furniture collections are grouped on one page for easy search.

Downloads Product Information:

RC Wood-Metal Collection - Blasco&Vila
RC Wood-Metal Collection
Fosca Collection - Blasco&Vila
Fosca Collection
Pol Collection - Blasco&Vila
Pol Collection
Bowler Collection - Blasco&Vila
Bowler Collection
Rem Collection - Blasco&Vila
Rem Collection
Vetro Collection - Blasco&Vila
Vetro Collection
Zip Collection - Blasco&Vila
Zip Collection
Oslo Collection - Blasco&Vila
Oslo Collection
Ikon Collection - Blasco&Vila
Ikon Collection
Hardy Collection - Blasco&Vila
Hardy Collection