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Functional Designer Furniture for Contemporary Spaces.

MOBBOLI, a new avant-garde Spanish brand with a contemporary design, comes from the creative impulse of delaoliva, a company with 60 years of experience in the manufacture of seating and office furniture. Faithful to its origins, the firm has a virtuous balance between maturity and youth, production experience and creative vitality, which is reflected in its new products: models with their own identity, functional and versatile, with modern and attractive lines that fit in with our current way of life.

A vocation for design and in-house manufacturing for its collections of chairs, stools, poufs, sofas, modular furniture, tables and accessories for contract, residential and, commercial use.

Welcome to a whole world of suggestive options. Welcome to Mobboli.


Workspaces & Contract.

The new products presented by MOBBOLI stand out for their functionality and versatility, together with an attractive and original design. Models that meet all the requirements to be used in all types of projects, whether commercial, residential or contract. Products with their own identity that arise from the creative vitality of a young team of designers and the collaboration with renowned designers such as Ximo Roca, Yonoh, Héctor Diego and Aitor G. de Vicuña, among others.

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Mobboli Collection 2020

The new brand is the result of the innovative impulse of delaoliva, a benchmark in the manufacture of professional furniture since 1957.

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